“If Welsh music is perennially considered the poor relation in the Celtic tradition, Allan Yn Y Fan are moving mountains to change all that.”

“...So look out Scotland and Ireland, a new Celtic Tiger is prowling...”

Gorthrwm y Gweithiwr

Recorded at Tinopolis studio, Llanelli for Heno S4C.

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“Just wanted to send a quick follow up email to say thank you again to you and your group for your amazing performance at Cardiff Castle. It was extremely well received by our group, and fitted in so perfectly with the whole theme of the night. We were very happy! Thanks again and all the best of luck for the future”
Tess Lenard,Marketing Assistant, Capstone Financial Planning Pty Ltd,Australian Financial Services, Melbourne, Australia

“We just wanted to thank you for playing such a huge part in our wedding. You were amazing. We loved you, our guests loved you – you were awesome! It really was the most perfect way to end the perfect day. You wouldn’t believe how many of our ‘non-dancing’ friends were dancing! You got everyone up, dancing, smiling, laughing – it was fantastic!”
Fiona & Arron

“I just can’t believe what a fab bunch you are – brilliant music, friendly, on the ball and incredibly professional – what a clever girl I was to choose you!!”

“You guys played at our wedding this year and its official, never mind the speeches and all that malarkey, you were the HIGHLIGHT! We had the best time jigging and dancing… thank you for bringing your considerable talents to our special day. Anyone reading this with the view to booking live Celtic music for your wedding or any event – DO IT!!!”
Patrick & Helen

“Everyone has been raving about the band and the dancing – to the exclusion of everything else! All the effort we went to get a decent Indian meal, lots of free booze, a home-made wedding cake… and all that people can talk about is the band!!! Seriously though, you really made the evening great fun. It was over far too quick.”


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